photo:Jason Conway

Born and raised in Montreal, I was raised surrounded by art, although I discovered and became enamored with painting only in my college years. My mother, a gifted sculptor, taught me the beauty and value of pursuing that which you love, and it is the love of painting that emerged in me and continues to do so in the present.

It was a drawing course at John Abbott College that first inspired me to discover my passion and to subsequently complete my studies in Fine Arts at Dawson College from which I graduated in 1989.  Following graduation, I began producing work, developing my techniques and finding a personal voice as an artist.  Following a couple of exhibitions I was discovered by Jacques Bois, owner of Galerie Sous le Cap in Quebec, who represented me from 1994 to 1998 until his tragic death. Since 2006 I have pursued my artistic practice full time at my Mile-End studio.

I see my craft as visual poetry, a language that explores and illuminates the complexities of the human condition. Working in both acrylics and oils, I create purposefully simple compositions whereby the quality of light imbues the work with direction and meaning.

I am not much concerned with transient issues specific to trends or eras, but rather with constants that span across time and place. I use natural or human form to explore themes such as isolation, memory, faith, society and the human struggle within its confines.