Pigeonhole Series

The pigeon series explores the idea of being pigeonholed or “being assigned to a preconceived category,” one which often fails to reflect naturally-present nuance or complexity.

Here the organic form of the pigeon against the grid of a cityscape serves as metaphor for those living within self- or socially-imposed constraints, the red feet punctuating the monochromatic composition with bright flashes of resilience. The use of black, white and red was inspired by the idea of Asian calligraphy, a technique that allows an idea to unfold with minimal lines.

I explore the notion and dynamics of “fringe elements”, excluded groups or individuals, those that have become a nuisance, and it is the lowly pigeon that I employ as my metaphor. Struck by society’s perception of a pigeon versus a dove (although they are similar in all aspects but colour) I could not help but reflect on the irony of one being considered and treated as vermin, while the other as symbol of peace and purity.

I separate the flock, portraying lone creatures against their urban environments, at times comfortable in their niche and at times escaping it, moving in and out of the confinement of the spaces they inhabit.

I instigate a dialogue on the cyclical nature of life, on individual and group dynamics, the rise and fall of one or of many, and the constant struggle to transcend given constraints.